ASDAD Christmas Update is live!

Christmas Update

Yes! The day is here! ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds v 3.0 is out on Steam and!

As I previously announced, this update brings a new and awesome Guest Character to the game together with some exciting changes!

First, there’s the Holiday special treat for you all: If you play the game any time during December up to the first half of January you’ll find that item boxes in the game have been replaced by Christmas presents!! *cue trumpets and party poppers* (Yes. I actually invested time in gift-wrapping the item boxes for you guys!)

You’ll also notice that from now on, item boxes (and Holiday Gift boxes!) sport colored ribbons that hint the kind of item they contain (from the 3 color-coded types detailed in the ASDADFSDAF Guide).

Another big change is that now Player 2 can also help unlock characters! Previously only items used by the first player counted to unlock stuff (NOTE: Your P2 has to be human though!)

Thanks (again!) to the incredible work of Elijah Lucian and the Voice Acting Power Squad the game has a completely reworked Announcer voice that will make your whole body shiver! I can’t thank them enough for their outstanding work and their amazing support!

You’ll also see that there’s (finally!) a Single Player (Practice!) Race for The Idol mode,  improved data saving (so you don’t lose your settings or progress if you close the game suddenly), a more flexible audio volume scheme, more options for the duration of custom matches, and a couple of misc details. You can see the full listing of changes in the version log!.

Updating the game is a process that was previously outlined in the Halloween Update announcement, and it should be incredibly easy except for the OSX build, which unfortunately requires some manual fiddling if you want to move your save data between versions (Sorry! Haven’t found a way yet!). For Steam users it should be automatic.

As usual I really hope you all enjoy the new content, and thanks to all the people who made this update possible! ( including players!)

There will be giveaways and discounts over the following days (before Christmas) to celebrate with all of you, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to participate!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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