Halloween Update!

Trick or Treat everyone!

That’s right, Halloween is here and believe me, even the characters of ASDAD know it!

As a little surprise for you guys I prepared a mini update for the game that includes a new (and holiday-appropriate) stage and some additional small improvements!

The new Stage called The Haunted Graveyard is -as the name probably gives away- a dark and spooky cemetery where getting lost is incredibly easy and most-likely the fate of everyone who enters.

The updated (2.1) version is already available on Steam and itch.io. The detailed list of the other small changes made to the game can be found in the handy ASDAD version log.

How to get the new version should be relatively straightforward depending on where you purchased the game:


Updating the game on Steam should happen automatically. In case you disabled auto-updates, a notification should tell you about the new version and give you the option to manually start the process. The game uses Steam Cloud on every supported OS (currently OSX and Windows) to save and sync your progress, so your data should carry over to the new version when updating the game.


If you purchased the game on itch.io you should be able to use your itch.io link to download the new version and update the game manually. On Windows your savefile and settings should remain intact during this process as long as you install the game in the same folder and don’t delete the content by hand. In the case of OSX your savefile lives inside the App, so you’ll need to copy the contents of the Contents/Resources/savedata folder manually from the old app to the new one to continue where you left.


I’ve been lacking time lately, but hopefully I’ll be able to do more updates in a future with even more awesome stuff (particularly Steam Achievements and Cards, which have been requested already) but this was a little something I wanted to do for you guys during this holiday.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!



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