Holiday Update and New Guest Character: Winti!

Yes, a plush of him exists. Sorta.

Yes, a plush of him exists. Sorta.

Christmas is almost here and I’ve been a bit busy preparing a holiday update for all of you that includes some really cool stuff for ASDAD!

But I’ve not been the only one busy! As you probably already know, I’ve been featuring characters from other indie games in the game since launch, to show my support and admiration for other independent developers. Each guest character featured so far has been the result of a close collaboration with the studios that created them, and I’ve been lucky enough so far to get support from incredible indie teams like YachtClubGames and Ludosity.

Recently I had the chance to meet the guys from Grupo Wintek, a local indie studio that also happens to share my love for indie games and the community! They loved ASDAD and wanted to support the project and be part of it!

They’ve been working really hard to bring their mascot, Winti to the game and we even had the chance to debut a WIP (Work In Progress) version of him 3 weeks ago at Fans Festival, a local game Expo!

They went above and beyond of the task and recruited the incredibly talented pixel artist Eto (Check his art! He’s awesome!) to do the final art, taking a huge weight from my shoulders!


So in tomorrow’s update Winti MerkenWintek‘s cute mascot- will officially join the cast of Guest Stars in ASDAD!

In case you were wondering, Winti is a trickster spirit found in the legends and tales of the Selk’nam people. He has decided to make an appearance in ASDAD to protect the sacred lands from the greed and destruction brought by this diamond-collecting event.

We are truly excited and honored because this is the first time Winti is featured as a playable character in a game!

Tomorrow when the update goes live I’ll publish a detailed list of the changes that the update brings (besides this awesome new character). Most of them are small details, but they all improve the game experience in one way or another.

Also, be sure to follow us on social media because I’ll be doing some Christmas giveaways on Facebook and Twitter!


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