ASDAD- Version Notes


Release Date: 2015-12-19

  • New Guest Character: Winti!
  • Item boxes now have color-coded ribbons that “hint” the type of item they contain.
  • Christmas special! During December and The first 15 days of January item boxes in the game will be replaced by presents!
  • New voice work for the Character Select screen!
  • Player 2 Item usage Statistics are now logged and displayed.
  • Both players (as long as they are human) can now help unlock content by using items.
  • Added “Race for the Idol vs CPU (1P)” Mode
  • Settings and progress are now also saved when the game is closed (previously it was only saved during stage transitions).
  • Added 1:30 and 3:00 as time options for regular matches.
  • Added World/Stage unlock notifications.
  • The lost Tombs now starts locked and requires 1 match to be played before it can be selected. This is mostly to prevent new players from selecting it without having played a normal stage before! As a consequence The Haunted Graveyard now requires 3 matches.
  • Fine-tuned the responsiveness for diagonal input (analog)
  • SFX Volume can be set independently from BGM volume.
  • Adjusted the spawn probability of the Ball-and-Chain item so it now has a slightly lower chance of appearing. The Mighty Shovel, on the other hand, has been adjusted so it appears a bit more often.
  • Credits Screen updated with improved disclaimer on Guest characters, a “thanks” message, and a small dose of extra humor.
  • “Practice mode” renamed to “Player vs CPU”.


Release Date: 2015-10-31

  • New Preset: Gotta Go Fast!  (to raise awareness of the “turbo” option!)
  • New Stage: The Haunted Graveyard! Fun and Spooky!
  • Changes made to game settings now are immediately saved after closing the panel instead of during loading screens.
  • Small audio improvements: Slightly better SFX for the roulette item. BGM volume is toned down when characters speak. Cancelling a “locked content” box by moving the cursor to something else no longer causes the game to play two conflicting audio clips.


Release Date: 2015-10-01

  • New Guest Character: (Ittle Dew)!
  • 2 New items: Roulette and Ice Wand!
  • New Game Mode: Race for the Idol (2-Player)!
  • Professional voiceover work for the announcer and the characters!
  • Customizable Match Settings (for regular matches) with built-in presets! (one of the settings being “movement speed”, which can now be set to “turbo”)
  • Options in the title screen menu re-arranged and renamed to better accommodate new (and upcoming?) game modes.
  • Reduced item spawn distance by 1 tile.
  • Game progress and Settings are stored in different files now. This allows cross-platform savefile syncing for the Steam release using Steam Cloud.
  • Better response on “diagonal” input (pressing 2 directions at the same time. This fix enhances responsiveness for analog controls and Arcade Sticks)
  • Changed the color of the falling rock traps in The Lost Tombs to make them easier to spot.
  • Main screen now remembers the last selected game mode.
  • Bugfix: Ice acceleration (Frozen Labyrinth) was affecting underground movement (Shovel Item)
  • Bugfix: AI would sometimes get stuck underground (Shovel Item).
  • Bugfix: Item boxes were not spawning in the incredibly rare case where no nearby “empty” space was available.


Release Date: 2015-03-30

  • First Mac OS X build (Tested on Mavericks and Yosemite).
  • Added proper handling of “windowed” resolutions.
  • Changed the library used to handle joystick input to have full gamepad support on both the Mac OS and Windows versions.
  • Fixed the ALT+ENTER Fullscreen quick-toggle for monitors that don’t support 1280×720. Also the toggle is now triggered on “key release” instead of “key press” to avoid residual key events that might cause problems after the resolution has been changed (this was happening in OSX) .
  • Fixed the “save file” location and write-access permissions  (Windows).


Release Date: 2015-03-15

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