It’s been 1 year since we launched on Steam!

ASDAD Square IconOne year ago, on October 1st, 2015, we released ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds on Steam! During these 12 months we’ve received a lot of feedback and I’m really thankful for the time people have invested playing the game and sharing their thoughts with us.

Despite lacking features that Steam users have come to expect (like achievements and online multiplayer), I think most people have been incredibly understanding of where this game comes from and the kind of experience is trying to evoke (old-school 2P couch/Arcade versus).

If you’ve followed the development of ASDAD you’d know that I personally did my best to keep adding content to the game after launch. And of course, that means that you probably have also noticed that it’s been 10 months without news or announcements!

A real shame!



Since the last update not much has changed, to be honest. I’ve received reports of the game working with the latest and hottest stuff (like PS4 controllers, 4K TVs, Steam box, etc), which is great, but I’ve been unable to work on further content for ASDAD (or to actually start working on a new game, for that matter).

I had at least one more new update in mind that I really hope I can finish eventually, which adds a Tournament mode to ASDAD.

With things the way they are right now however, I can’t really promise that or any other addition to the game, sorry. I would have loved to celebrated this anniversary with the update above, or at least with exciting news about new content coming in a near future, but since I can’t, I’ll do the next best thing I’m able to: I’m dropping the price of the game.

That’s right, if you check the Steam store, you’ll see that the game is no longer $6.99 which has been it’s price since launch, but rather $4.99. This new price also applies to the release. I’ll still do the excessive discounts I like to make for Steam Sales, but the game now is cheaper than it was before, forever.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve been playing the game since its early days, and I truly really hope that you’ve been enjoying your time with it. I’m sorry that I was unable to make something special for you guys, but I’m trying to at least do something for new players, “lowering the barriers” so more people can have access to the game.

It is my wish that everyone who plays ASDAD have a wonderful time competing against their friends or family, and share many laughs and epic moments with them.

Thanks again for your support!



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