ASDAD Fundamental Secrets, Details and Facts!

Hello guys!

I’ve written an Advanced Guide to ASDAD, revealing all the details you ever wanted to know about the game!

The guide is called  All-Stars Dungeons And Diamonds Fundamental Secrets, Details and Facts (ASDADFSDAF for short) and you can check it here!


All of this information is relatively easy to discover by just playing the game. It may take you a while to notice and learn everything, but it’s definitely not impossible to discover all of this by yourself.

But I guess that having an “official” document with all of this information is never a bad thing!  Even if you’ve been playing for a long while there may still be a little something you never noticed or a detail somewhere that flew under your gaming radar!

Regardless of whether you know everything about the game or not, I hope you are all having fun with ASDAD, because that’s the important thing, and luckily you don’t need to read a boring guide to do that!


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