The artists behind ASDAD (Part 3)

Last entry in the series guys, and this one features no other than Giant Enemy Lab‘s founder himself:

Mr. Elias Zacarias.


A handsome fellow I’ve heard.

That’s me (yes, also the guy in charge of all the poorly-written facebook/twitter/blog updates you’ve endured so far).

I wasn’t really going to feature myself in this section as the original plan for ASDAD didn’t include a “programmer” making art for the game (at least that’s what my 1-year-younger self thought), but destiny wanted me to lay some pixels down and now you’ll see my “art” all over the game! (which I’m still not sure is a good thing).


“I’ve been lucky enough to count with the help of really talented people”.


I can’t stress this enough. I’ve been REALLY lucky. I’ve already talked about David “Louten” Marin, who made the game logo and most of the UI design, “Lazy-Turtle” Tama, who has been doing all the cool character portraits and illustrations you’ll find in ASDAD, and Matias Castro, who is working really hard on the music. Without them the game wouldn’t be half as good as it is right now.

I’ve also had the support of friends and family, and people who helped -albeit briefly- during the early prototype stage. I hope to include all their names in the credits because they all deserve a spot there.

But a game is not only music, UI and pretty character pics! Where is the rest coming from? From the original game concept to all the character sprites and animated objects, in-game backgrounds, sound effects, graphical effects, some UI elements, the result screen as well as the entirety of the programming in the game…. that’s all me.

It turns out that I’m also the guy behind Giant Enemy Lab‘s page content and design (although I got a bit of help from my sister; a real designer!), the soon-to-be-released ASDAD trailer (sans the music),  PR, and pretty much everything related to ASDAD and Giant Enemy Labs as a whole.

I KNOW I’m awful not doing a particularly good job at keeping you guys in the loop through our social media pages, and I’d really love to apologize for that. It’s been incredibly hard for me to keep you updated with what’s going on while taking care of all the rest.

I’d also love to apologize if anyone feels deceived or disappointed to learn there’s basically just one guy behind Giant Enemy Labs  and not a team of talented people (in contrast to ASDAD).

If there was any confusion I’m probably the main culprit, as I tend to write in “us” and “we” in our pages and blog posts even when they are not about All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds, and that’s because I believe in a “team identity” even when there’s no team right now! I want future members (if any) to feel they are part of everything that Giant Enemy Labs is, has been and will be.

That’d be hardly possible if I were using first person singular pronouns.

I’m using a “we” made of people I’m yet to meet and perhaps people I already know but haven’t got time or the opportunity yet to join me on this endeavor.

It might be a bit of a silly thing, but that’s how I want things to be.

Back to ASDAD: with this entry I close the introductions to the people behind the game. Hardly a bunch, but we’ve all poured the best of us into our work to make this game as fun and cool as it can be!




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