The artists behind ASDAD (Part 1)

Our upcoming game ASDAD: All Stars Dungeons and Diamonds features the work of a couple of different artists, all working their magic to make the awesome art you’ll see in the game. Since they are very busy people, every artist is in charge of a different part of the game, but we all work together to ensure that the game maintains a distinctive visual style.

Since the reveal of the game you’ve got the chance to see the logo so now I’d like to talk about the artist behind this masterpiece:

David “louten” Marin.


Faithful portrayal of David

I’ve known David for like 2 years now and he is a talented and creative guy.

He is also like crazy busy. As busy as talented, I guess. Seriously. He has his own projects, a full-time job and whenever he is not sleeping he is drawing something… Yet he is still lending me a hand with this project. What a guy!

You can see more of his art on his personal page.




Over the next days you’ll be seeing more information about the game here; in particular I’ll be introducing some game characters. And there’s ONE man behind the illustrations and designs you’ll be seeing here:

Mr. “Lazy-Turtle” Tama.


Not as yellow in person

His mad drawing skills and personal style make this lad a hell of an artist. He is seriously talented. When it comes to character design he is second to none.

In fact, Tama is handling the character in-game illustrations and their general appearance.

Check his DeviantArt page, it’s totally worth it.



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