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Today I want you to take a look at something we’ve been secretly working for a few weeks now!

Music Screenshot

This is what talent and awesomeness looks like

Yes, I know what you are wondering: “Is that what I think it is?” Well Yes! that’s music! and it’s music for  our very first trailer!

The awesomeness depicted in the screenshot below is the work of Matias Castro, an incredibly talented artist who will be working on the music for ASDAD: All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds!

I was really lucky to get in touch with such a talented musician and show him the game. He really liked the project and offered his help to create the music for it!

He’s done an outstanding job so far and I’m pretty sure you’ll all love the music he is doing for the trailer!

Now, game trailers don’t fall from trees, and I’ll use this opportunity to tell you a bit about what I’ve been doing myself; When we decided that a trailer was something we needed with some degree of urgency I thought to myself “well, game studios make trailers for their games all the time, how hard can it be?

Well, it turns out it’s harder than it looks! I had near-zero experience with advanced video editing tools and it’s been quite a learning experience. This is my very first attempt at something like this so I hope you like the result!

Well, even if you don’t like the trailer you’ll definitely love the music because it’s a beautiful display of love and talent from the hand of one of the best musicians I know! You can listen to a small sample of his other work on his soundcloud page!

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