It’s a very special Christmas!

It has definitely been a while since the last update here; I’ve been more “active” (i.e: less dead) on social media than in our own blog! Sorry!) but I wanted to share with you something special this time of the year.

Since the very first days of ASDAD, I’ve received several requests for a Linux version of the game, which wasn’t a simple task at all, and well… it would have required some time, which was never something I had aplenty…


But I finally made it!


It took many nights of working after work, and a few headaches, but it’s finally done.

I’m currently offering the Linux build on, but it will come to Steam soon. Previous owners of the game on the platform should be able to download the Linux version right now, if they so desire.

But why now? You may ask. Well, that’s because of a very special thing I wanted to do this Christmas!

As any other holiday of course, ASDAD is with a hefty 80% discount on Steam, so you can buy the game for someone else, or grab it for yourself at a ridiculously low price if you don’t have the game already. But that still is just the Windows and OSX version (for now).

On I’m doing something different, as I hinted already. I have partnered up with the insanely talented Olofson, to offer his game Kobo Redux, and ASDAD in a bundle for this holiday! His game runs beautifully on Linux and Windows, so ASDAD couldn’t just lag behind and lack a Linux release!

If you haven’t seen Kobo Redux before let me tell you it’s a gorgeous, fun and incredibly well done game:

And he has updated the game for this Christmas to its release, which is even more gorgeous, fun, and awesome than ever before!

You can get both games for $4.99 on, including the brand new Linux release of ASDAD.

Our “Arcade Stars” bundle will be available until January 4th 2018, but whether you buy our games this holiday or not, I really want you all to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have fun and enjoy the festivities!

Merry Christmas!



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