ASDAD Characters (Part 5): Justice Hood

Last but not least! This is the final character introduction in the series. Meet Justice Hood; Outlaw and Hero!

Justice Hood

The face of justice?

Unlike the rest of the characters in ASDAD, Justice (not his real name) is not driven by selfish desires of glory, fortune or adventure.  He has dedicated his entire life to help the less fortunate by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

While the morality of his acts is questionable, he is surely a well-intentioned fellow.

He joined ASDAD hoping to succeed and return home with a loot he could share with those in need.

Whether you think he is a selfless hero or a vile rogue, you’ll be able wear the hood and become a skilled outlaw in his own quest for justice when All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds hit the shelves!





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