ASDAD Characters (Part 1): Meet Cap’n Van Derdecken

Today I’m revealing one of the most amazing characters in All Stars Dungeons And Diamonds: The brave and treacherous Captain Van Derdecken

Cap'n Van Derdecken

One word: Badass

A pirate since birth, Cap’n Van Derdecken has been sailing the seas for way longer than your average pirate.

No one knows the dangers of the profession better than old Cap’n Van. His adventures and devotion to piracy have cost him both of his eyes and hands (among other things you’ll discover in the game) but his resolve remains unscratched.

With the aid of his two loyal parrots he manages to be as cunning and fierce as he’s always been.

The only thing that can match his determination is his endless greed. This insurmountable lust for treasure led him to join the competition in the first place.


So… will you be playing Cap’n Van in All Stars Dungeons and Diamonds when it comes out?







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