ASDAD Characters (Part 2): Meet Jill Ette

So here’s another participant of All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds.

Meet Jill Ette: archaeologist and adventurer extraordinaire.

Jill Ette

She ain’t afraid of no snake

We all know that a real adventurer and tomb raider is definitely not a sex-symbol sporting a tank top, military boots and tight short pants with guns strapped to her hips. That sounds (and *may* look) cool but we’ve learnt from the REAL DEAL™ what an authentic archeologist/adventurer is -from the looks to the attitude- and Jill Ette definitely fits the bill (and passes the tests with flying colors).

As an archaeologist, she loves everything related to ancient aliens civilizations so her interest in ASDAD is … mm, well, different. Let’s say she is in fact more interested in the tombs and dungeons she’ll get to explore than in the diamonds she’ll be collecting there.

Some people believe her success and awesomeness comes from “sheer dumb luck”. While we know she can a bit clumsy sometimes, we wouldn’t credit her success to the inexplicable way everything works out even after her occasional “mistakes”. Perhaps she has embraced her sporadic clumsiness to the point it’s no longer against her and plays in her favor instead. Perhaps even her “slips” are carefully calculated. We don’t know for sure.

Dumb luck or raw awesomeness, you be the judge. Don’t miss the chance to play as Jill Ette when All-Stars Dungeons and Diamonds comes out!




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