Dev Update! Upcoming content and surprises!


It’s been a while since the last post so I figured it would be a good idea to tell you a bit about the current status of the project!

As you may -or may not- know, ASDAD got successfully Greenlit shortly after our participation in the Debut 25 Indie Royale Bundle! This means that as soon as I’m done with the new content, the game will also be released on Steam!

Part of this new content is a game mode called Race for the Idol, where the objective is to find your way to a golden statue inside the maze before your opponent does! There’s no time limit and instead of collecting gems, the idea is to directly race against your adversary using some of the items from the regular game that will be spawning in the maze.

As you may also know, we’ve been trying to feature characters from other indie titles in ASDAD to show our love for the awesome games made by other great developers! I love doing this but it’s a really slow process and it’s been hard for me to find time to do this at any decent pace. Having said that however, I’m glad to announce that we are pretty much A-OK with a new guest character that I’m pretty sure you’ll all love! (but I can’t really talk about now but will be officially announced pretty soon!, sorry!)

In other news, two new items are being added to the game as well. Both with interesting mechanics and one of them is directly related to the new character!.

I’m also adding options to customize the game “settings” before a match, so you can alter the pace and the way the game plays by selecting different presets or customizing the parameters by hand to your liking. It’s incredible how much the game changes when you can tweak some of the internal rules! I’m still trying to pick the best set of parameters that will be “tweak-able” but here’s a tease:

Custom Game Settings Preview

Custom Game Settings in ASDAD! (Preview)

Last but not least,  Elijah Lucian and the awesome guys from the Voice Acting Power Squad have done some really incredible voice work for the game! This means that ASDAD finally has a real professional announcer instead of a game developer shouting things to his mic praying that it won’t sound as a total disaster. Characters will also have voices now and I’m currently working on adding those to the game! You can check highlights from the session where the voices for ASDAD where recorded here:

If you are a game developer I’d strongly recommend you to check their free voice acting service for indie developers or any of their paid plans. They are really professional (definitely know what they are doing) and it was incredibly cool and easy to work with Elijah and the team!

In the next post I hope I can bring you the release date for the new content as well as the identity of the mysterious new character!

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned!

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