Delays in development and other news

ASDAD: Press Any Key

Christmas is near and we are getting close to the date I wanted  for the worldwide release of All Stars Dungeons and Diamonds

Sadly the development has been facing several problems and delays, and while we have tried to somehow maintain the release date, I think it’s no longer realistic to believe that we will make it on time.

Not with the level of quality and detail I want for the game at least.

ASDAD was going to be our christmas present to the world and getting feedback from players around the globe was the perfect way to start a new year. I can’t really put into words how important was for me to have this game ready for this holiday season, but at this point in time it would take a huge christmas miracle to make that happen.

I prefer to release a good game next year than a subpar game this one.

I’ll quote Mr. Miyamoto here:

A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever.


So I hope you can forgive us if you won’t be playing ASDAD this christmas. I can personally assure you that we are doing our best to make the game as awesome as it can be.

Anyway, not everything is bad news. We finally got our hands on a GameStick so if you happen to have one we are glad to announce that there are chances you’ll be playing All Stars Dungeons and Diamonds on your console too! We still need to add proper support for the hardware, but having the console is the first step, and we can now make a large check mark on that box.

There are also other interesting things that has been happening (and I’m dying to tell you about them) but I’ll leave that for next posts because they are exciting news that need to be accompanied with awesome art … and a big fanfare.



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